It has been a while

So.. When I first started this blog earlier this year I was feeling so motivated, inspired and determined. But after a few months I pushed myself too hard and set my goals way too high. It all became more of a chore – I felt like I HAD TO update my blog once a day, I HAD to go to the gym 4 times a week, I HAD to take photos, I HAD to measure every inch of my body and when the weighting days came, and I had not lost any weight, it felt like a massive defeat. To be honest I felt really unhappy and just had to stop. Hence why I haven’t even logged in to my blog since the last time I posted something. I can see that a few of my last posts have been very negative and as a person that really isn’t me, so I know I made the right decision to stop. However, I do miss writing and will from now on post a little update every now and then. I do wish to continue with what I started, but not as organised and as ‘strict’ like before. And I do hope you will still follow me! :D

Nadia xx



weighdaymayday // week two

Sorry guys! No #weighdaymayday today as I am currently in Denmark without a scale. Perfect timing during the Easter Holiday, haha! Ups.. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! 

interior? help

Before I moved into my new apartment in Arnhem I had pictured how I wanted it. Paintcolour, furniture, decor etc. Both Robin and I did room by room together and we knew kinda how the style would be. But! After moving in, I lost all inspiration and now it just looks so empty and.. plain! I have changed my mind 100 times about everything, haha. This is so unlike me! I think it’s all the beautiness from Pinterest that has f**ked me up.

All photos are from my board on Pinterest! What kind of style do you like? Classic, shabby chic, industrial? Show me your Pinterest boards! And if you have any good tips on interior websites, I am all ears! 

easter holiday

For the first time in a very long time I went with the family on holiday to a seaside resort up north in Denmark. It has been so nice and relaxing so far and I really appreciate some quality time with my mum, stepdad and brothers. 

Denmark is actually pretty beautiful, so had to take a few photos. Last photo is the view we have from the house we are renting here! 

A few random Snapchat and Instagram Stories photos;

I received some really sad news earlier this week, but in the middle of all the sadness I have managed to have a lovely time. I am truly grateful to have such an amazing family. 

starting over // weighdaymayday // week one

After 6 weeks on the getting-healthy-and-fit road, I got a bit lost after so much happening at once. It’s not easy to focus on something you have always found difficult; saying no to food, while also dealing with other things. Some people will say it’s no excuse, some people are disappointed that I fell off that road and I don’t blame them. I’m pretty disappointed myself, but I know losing weight isn’t everything. Of course it’s important to me, because I want to become healthy and feel good about myself, but it has just not been my main priority. 

With that being said, I feel ready to start again. I have great support from my amazing partner and we have even joined a gym together. He pushes me and although it makes me hate him sometimes, I appreciate the butt-kicking. 

Today is Friday, so it is of course #weighdaymayday. 

Not 110 kg, but still put on weight since last time. Let’s see how next Friday will be!

weekend is near

The weekend is very welcome and it’s going to be one awesome weekend. Prague, 5 girls and a bachelorette party. That’s what’s happening and I can’t wait. The last month has been a bit of a blur, but I am slowly getting there. Tomorrow I will start with my #weighdaymayday again and I know that it’s not going to be a great result. But that doesn’t matter! I may give up 100 times, but I never quit and I feel very optimistic about achieving my goal again!

What are your plans this weekend?!

it has been a while..

I haven't forgotten to blog, I just haven't had the inspiration or motivation to do it. Moving apartments has taken its toll both physically and mentally. It's not like I have never moved before – hell, I have even moved to two countries. But somehow this move has just made me go into a deep thinking period where everything seems so unreachable. Like, what do I really want to do with my life? What do I need to do to feel happy? What's the meaning of it all? We all have periods in life where we come to a crossroad, not knowing which path to take. That's when you need to take a step back and think about things, before deciding on what to do. I'm slowly getting there and hopefully I'll soon be back, full of inspiration. <3

Enjoy your weekend, people <3