starting over // weighdaymayday // week one

After 6 weeks on the getting-healthy-and-fit road, I got a bit lost after so much happening at once. It’s not easy to focus on something you have always found difficult; saying no to food, while also dealing with other things. Some people will say it’s no excuse, some people are disappointed that I fell off that road and I don’t blame them. I’m pretty disappointed myself, but I know losing weight isn’t everything. Of course it’s important to me, because I want to become healthy and feel good about myself, but it has just not been my main priority. 

With that being said, I feel ready to start again. I have great support from my amazing partner and we have even joined a gym together. He pushes me and although it makes me hate him sometimes, I appreciate the butt-kicking. 

Today is Friday, so it is of course #weighdaymayday. 

Not 110 kg, but still put on weight since last time. Let’s see how next Friday will be!


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