It has been a while

So.. When I first started this blog earlier this year I was feeling so motivated, inspired and determined. But after a few months I pushed myself too hard and set my goals way too high. It all became more of a chore – I felt like I HAD TO update my blog once a day, I HAD to go to the gym 4 times a week, I HAD to take photos, I HAD to measure every inch of my body and when the weighting days came, and I had not lost any weight, it felt like a massive defeat. To be honest I felt really unhappy and just had to stop. Hence why I haven’t even logged in to my blog since the last time I posted something. I can see that a few of my last posts have been very negative and as a person that really isn’t me, so I know I made the right decision to stop. However, I do miss writing and will from now on post a little update every now and then. I do wish to continue with what I started, but not as organised and as ‘strict’ like before. And I do hope you will still follow me! :D

Nadia xx



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