easter holiday

For the first time in a very long time I went with the family on holiday to a seaside resort up north in Denmark. It has been so nice and relaxing so far and I really appreciate some quality time with my mum, stepdad and brothers. 

Denmark is actually pretty beautiful, so had to take a few photos. Last photo is the view we have from the house we are renting here! 

A few random Snapchat and Instagram Stories photos;

I received some really sad news earlier this week, but in the middle of all the sadness I have managed to have a lovely time. I am truly grateful to have such an amazing family. 


weekend so far

As you can probably tell, I had no weighdaymayday yesterday as I’m away in the countryside somewhere in Dorset, England. The house is amazing, the girls are all together again and today will be spent having facepacks, hair and makeup sessions, manicures/pedicures while watching chick flicks. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Started the day yesterday with an epic breakfast!

goals achieved so far

This picture really makes me smile and I am more motivated than ever to keep going. I think I say that in almost every post.. But, it`s true! I haven`t been this determined since.. Ever. Next step is of course to join a gym and after checking out the possibilities in my new neighbourhood, I have a gym 3 minutes away from my apartment. Literally. According to Google Maps. Could not be more perfect! Excited to check it out and see if it is as good it looks.

Every Friday I post my #weighdaymayday, but I want to see results in other ways than just the scale. Every Saturday I also measure cm around my bust, arms, waist, hips, midway and thighs. The reason I do this the day after scale day, is to discipline myself a little extra. Saturdays are now my cheatdays (FINALLY), and I`m excited to see if I will still be able to lose weight. It`s all about finding the right balance

Like I say; I`m not on diet, I`m changing my lifestyle. Deep. So deep.

weighdaymayday // week three

Yes!! I have lost 2,5 kg since last week and to celebrate, I had a cappuccino this morning. Wuhu, talk about going all out!

So, my conclusion for this week is that all you need to do is keep active and eat healthy and eat more often (small portions of course) and drink lots of water. That’s really it. I walked home from work rather than taking the bus, I take the stairs instead of the lift, I eat banana and apple instead of sweets and I keep my carb intake low. I don’t cut it out, I just don’t overdo it. One thing I have also found out, that has proven to be very important, is to tell everyone to not ask you for chocolate, crisps, cake, sweets, alcohol etc. No question, no should I/should I not dilemma.

Have a nice Friday, lovely people!! :D

contract is signed

The weekend has been rather busy and I didn’t blog on Sunday as I started my fasting much earlier (BIG mistake) than usual. I was in bed by 19:00 as Robin (my partner) and I decided to go for a walk, so my body was very low on energy and therefore bed was the best plan. Yesterday was very exciting as it was ‘signing the contract’ day for the new apartment. We also went to have a little look again as it’s just so beautiful. I feel so lucky to have found such a lovely apartment that central in Arnhem. I obviously took a few pictures so I can show you a little bit more. Apologies for the quality, as they were taken with my phone.

That ceiling…. Oh my goodness.

Isn’t it just beautiful? Can’t wait to start painting and decorating this place.

Ignore my face. I’m just a happy bunny.