weighdaymayday // week two

Sorry guys! No #weighdaymayday today as I am currently in Denmark without a scale. Perfect timing during the Easter Holiday, haha! Ups.. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! 


weighdaymayday // week five

Disappointment. The scale showed exactly the same as it did last Friday. My first standstill and although I should stay positive and move on it is a little bit difficult. I knew this would happen at some point, I just wasn't ready for it yet! I even went for an extra walk this week, plus I didn't give in on eating chocolate. Could be because I ate to much salt and so my body is retaining water. Whatever it is, I'm gonna stay motivated and move on! Slow progress is also progress, right?!

weighdaymayday // week four

I had a really bad week. Well. I say bad, but it was just not as good as previous weeks. I actually had pizza twice this week, plus chocolate cake. But still, I lost 0.7 kg! Sometimes you need to allow yourself to enjoy, just don’t overdo it. I’m sure I would’ve lost much more without consuming pizza and chocolate cake, but hey. You only live once, and so far I am ahead of my goal :)

In total I have lost 6.5 kg after starting on the 09/01/17. This is so motivating!


Yaaay it`s going down!

Seriously though, chocolate is better.

weighdaymayday // week three

Yes!! I have lost 2,5 kg since last week and to celebrate, I had a cappuccino this morning. Wuhu, talk about going all out!

So, my conclusion for this week is that all you need to do is keep active and eat healthy and eat more often (small portions of course) and drink lots of water. That’s really it. I walked home from work rather than taking the bus, I take the stairs instead of the lift, I eat banana and apple instead of sweets and I keep my carb intake low. I don’t cut it out, I just don’t overdo it. One thing I have also found out, that has proven to be very important, is to tell everyone to not ask you for chocolate, crisps, cake, sweets, alcohol etc. No question, no should I/should I not dilemma.

Have a nice Friday, lovely people!! :D

weighdaymayday // week two

Wow. This week has been so hectic that when I came home after work, I just had to lay down on the sofa and breathe. Haha, I need to recharge for tomorrow as it’s packed with fun!

As you may or may not know, every Friday I weigh myself and today the scale showed 106.7 kg, meaning I have lost 400 gram. It is not as much as last Friday, but it’s something and it’s more healthy to lose around 500 gram a week, so, I’m happy with the result. My goal for next weigh day is to weigh 106 kg, so that means I have to lose 700 gram. It’s not impossible, but I do have to change my meal plan slightly and add a little more exercise. I’m still very motivated and although some days are more difficult than others I’m proud of myself for not giving in to temptation. Last time I did that I ended up eating chocolate and crisps every day for 3 months and look what happened then… 110kgs later…

When I’ve done well I feel I deserve a little treat and as my roomie is away this weekend, I thought a little pampering session would be perfect. I’m currently addicted to Clinique’s products as the make my skin feel so fresh and clean. My skin seriously dies a little when it’s freezing outside. It actually looks like my face is diseased. Not cool! So tell me, what is your best skincare product?

weighdaymayday // week one

Each week I have set myself a small goal and this week was to get through the week without letting myself be tempted to eat sugar (apart from a little bit of fruit). And I have made it so far even though yesterday was really tough. Every Friday is weigh in day, but from next week I will also add measurements and photos of myself (fml) so you can (hopefully) see the transformation week by week. So, today was my first weigh in day and I was really chuffed about the result! It is probably just a lot of water, but still; – 2.9 kg!! Yay!! That has really motivated me to keep going and not give up. It will probably level out a bit next week, as you usually lose a lot of weight in the beginning, but I am very happy right now!
Have a nice Friday everyone!!

the ugly truth

Today is the day I have been dreading for a while. Not because I have to eat healthy or because I have to start going to the gym or because I can’t stuff my face with chocolate anymore. No, it’s because today is the day I have to actually say my weight out loud. 110 kg. 110kg? 110 kg… I nearly fell off the scales (corrected: broke the scales) when the moment of truth hit me. I weigh 110 kg. How is this possible? When did it start to feel ok to let myself go this much? I wish I could blame it on something, but I can’t. The only one I can blame, is myself. And it really sucks to be honest. But, instead of complaining anymore about it, I need to make some changes in my life and that’s what I want this blog to be; my motivation to keep going, towards my main goal of losing 40 kg and being addicted to a healthier lifestyle. Every Friday will be weigh-day, #WeighDayMayDay, and I will use this blog to post my ups and downs, my thoughts, tips, advice, exercise routines and everything else in-between. Wish me good luck.

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