weekend so far

As you can probably tell, I had no weighdaymayday yesterday as I’m away in the countryside somewhere in Dorset, England. The house is amazing, the girls are all together again and today will be spent having facepacks, hair and makeup sessions, manicures/pedicures while watching chick flicks. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Started the day yesterday with an epic breakfast!


inspiration – where did you go

It has been a while since I have posted anything to do with moving forward to a healthier and better life, but to be honest I have just not had any inspiration. The last two weeks have been quite stressful and my body is not enjoying that very much. Although I am eating healthy, going for more walks than usual and getting enough sleep, it is like my body doesn’t want to let go of any water so I am currently just a living balloon. I’m looking forward to going to England today and spend the weekend with my girls again. A nice, chilled and girly weekend is exacly what I need! I hope I will feel more inspried when I have moved everything to the new apratment next week and become more settled.

Random photo of where we are going this weekend; Dorset

mixed feelings

In less than 3 weeks I will be living in my new home and I have to admit, I have mixed feelings. I’m obviously excited to move! Goodgreef, I cannot wait. But I will be missing my bedroom in Almere. It’s my first home in The Netherlands(apart from when Sabina let me live at her and her fiancés place inUtrecht; THANK YOU GUYS!) and I have really enjoyed my time here. The city of Almere not so much, but this bedroom has so many memories from all the adventures since I moved here. Thank you everyone who came to visit me last year! Since I’m moving you’ll just have to come and visit again!

give me sunshine

I am in desperate need of sunshine. And sand. And the ocean. And a cocktail. Preferably combined. Over the weekend it just kept snowing, and as much as I love snow (prefer it to rain) I really need a holiday. 2016 was the first year I didn’t go anywhere warm, and you know you’re pale when you have to buy a two shades lighter foundation. The struggle is real guys!

weighdaymayday // week five

Disappointment. The scale showed exactly the same as it did last Friday. My first standstill and although I should stay positive and move on it is a little bit difficult. I knew this would happen at some point, I just wasn't ready for it yet! I even went for an extra walk this week, plus I didn't give in on eating chocolate. Could be because I ate to much salt and so my body is retaining water. Whatever it is, I'm gonna stay motivated and move on! Slow progress is also progress, right?!

grateful, but annoying

Yesterday I really craved chocolate. I just needed it. I haven’t felt the need for anything sugary in ages and I was about to give in until, well, boyfriend happened. Today I am very grateful that he refused buying me chocolate from the shop, but I was not a very happy bunny yesterday.

I kept trying, but he would not give in. I did however manage to get my sparkling water. Yaaaaay, I guess.

goals achieved so far

This picture really makes me smile and I am more motivated than ever to keep going. I think I say that in almost every post.. But, it`s true! I haven`t been this determined since.. Ever. Next step is of course to join a gym and after checking out the possibilities in my new neighbourhood, I have a gym 3 minutes away from my apartment. Literally. According to Google Maps. Could not be more perfect! Excited to check it out and see if it is as good it looks.

Every Friday I post my #weighdaymayday, but I want to see results in other ways than just the scale. Every Saturday I also measure cm around my bust, arms, waist, hips, midway and thighs. The reason I do this the day after scale day, is to discipline myself a little extra. Saturdays are now my cheatdays (FINALLY), and I`m excited to see if I will still be able to lose weight. It`s all about finding the right balance

Like I say; I`m not on diet, I`m changing my lifestyle. Deep. So deep.