Finding the Ritz

After my grandmother passed away, the need of knowing who I am has grown a lot stronger. I have always had an interest in knowing about where I come from, knowing the family history and learning about the lives of my ancestors. The Ritz family has always been mysterious and I can’t remember anyone telling me anything about my grandfather, who passed away at a very young age, nor his family.

All I know is that the Ritz family comes from Switzerland, has a history of wealthy men and could be connected to a very famous hotel.

So who are the Ritz? What is their story? Why is it all such a mystery? These are just a few questions I have asked myself a lot lately. Questions that need answering. Questions that will help me understand more about who I am and where I come from.

Follow my quest in finding The Ritz.

// Nadia Ritz

Malcom Ritz and Nadia Ritz